The Artist

A self-taught contemporary mixed media fiber artist, Michelle came to the US at the age of 19 to continue her education at St. Lawrence University in New York. While pursuing a Mathematics degree, she recognized that she had a persistent craving to explore her creativity. Fast forward to her senior year, she decided to explore her artistic side as she moved closer to achieving her degree in Mathematics. She found that art was the missing link that made her feel whole, it was the avenue she had been seeking to create balance and help her function and navigate the challenges of her new and her exciting world.


Michelle creates amazing forms by manipulating multi-colored, multi-weighted fiber with glue on canvas. In recent years, her work has evolved in both form and depth. It has transformed from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional forms on and off the canvas, with an undeniably emotionally provoking effect. 


Her work not only reflects her effervescent colorful Jamaican culture, but her zest for life and adventure. Each piece is inspired by experiences at various stages in her adventures and has evolved over the years to reflect her strength, maturity and growth. 

Although whimsical in nature, Michelle’s work tells a story and transcends culture, sexual orientation and gender as it relates to life’s experiences. It is truly one of a kind and cannot be confined in a box.

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