Les Derrieres

Les Derrieres, as the name translates, the “Backsides” or “Bottoms”, sustain as a symbol of culture, power, and beauty. Across sexualities, genders and preferences, the allure of the Backside to captivate an audience through movement and/or physical appearance contributed to the conception of this collection.

The extent of my curiosity peaks in its collective perception. I grew up understanding the bigger and rounder the bottom, the more intriguing it was to both males and females. The validation of our physicality as I understood it was: increase the size and form of the Backside to increase sexual appeal. Overtime, this formula transformed into expectations. Expectations that set a specific standard for derrieres. My collection artistically represents culture, power and beauty as it is in the eyes of the beholder.


Foot In The Door: This series pays homage to women’s struggles to break through the stereotypes and prejudice of the world they live in. The struggle to gain equality and impartiality to opportunities to elevate themselves in society is faced by women every day.

Hang In There: As we gain strength to speak up and stand up for ourselves, we realize that our power and impact on society were underestimated. We CAN open our own doors, we CAN create opportunities for ourselves, we CAN take control or our own destiny and cause a change.


The inspiration behind this series stemmed from the camouflage worn by many women throughout their lives to assimilate and survive in society.


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